Rocking Monsters

Rocking Monsters

Monster shaped rocking toys designed to maintain a perfect balance, allowing for an optimal rocking rhythm without the risk of tipping over.

Rocking Monsters by Constantin Bolimond look like sharks and other sea creatures. They provide a comfortable ride for kids of all sizes.

Safety is the top priority. Every Rocking Monster is expertly balanced in weight and physical proportions.

Engineered and ergonomically crafted for kids 3 ft tall and above.

With rounded corners, smooth surfaces, and a polished finish, these fun wooden rocking toys offer hours of worry-free playtime for children.

Rocking Monster by Bolimond

Wooden Rocking Toy

Rocking Monsters by Constantin Bolimond

Rocking Shark

Rocking Monsters by Bolimond

Constantin Bolimond Rocking Monsters

Rocking Monster

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