Freestanding Invisibility Shield

Invisibility Shield Cloak

Innovative cloaking technology in a form of a lightweight shield offers portable concealment and makes people completely invisible.

Using precision-engineered lens arrays, these shields redirect light away from the observer, rendering the subject behind them effectively invisible.

Invisibility Shield 2.0 designed to be versatile, performing best against uniform backgrounds and defined horizontal lines.

Available in Full Size and Megashield variants, they are constructed from high-grade polycarbonate for durability.

With ergonomic handles and easy assembly, these shields are perfect for staying hidden on the move.

Invisibility Shield can be quickly disassembled and packed into carry case when not in use.

No power source is required, making the Invisibility Shield Cloak simple and efficient to use anytime, anywhere.

Invisibility Shield

Backgrounds blur, subjects disappear – that’s the magic of Invisibility Shield.

Invisibility Shield 2.0

Stay hidden during stealth missions: Whether you’re a spy, undercover agent, or tactical operative, the Invisibility Shield ensures you remain undetected, even in plain sight.

Lightweight Invisibility Shield

Megashield stands tall at 6ft, offering concealment for multiple people.

Invisibility Shield Co

Enhance security measures: Use Invisibility Shield to conceal sensitive equipment or valuable assets, keeping them safe from potential threats.

Portable Invisibility Shield

Create captivating illusions: Add an element of surprise to performances or presentations, leaving your audience in awe of your disappearing act.

Invisibility Cloak

Perfect for photographers: Capture wildlife or candid photos without disturbing your subjects, blending seamlessly into the background.

Freestanding Invisibility Shield

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