Wonderful Paper Art

Wonderful Paper Art

Amazing paper sculptures created by talented Brazilian artist Carlos Meira.

Beautiful 3D artworks consist of intricate paper elements and figures.

Carlos Meira Paper Art

Paper Sculpture

Carnival Paper

Paper Art

Carlos Meira


Paper Girl

Carlos Meira Paper Sculptures

Paper Art by Carlos Meira

Carnival Paper Art

Carlos Meira Paper

Carlos Meira Paper Sculpture


Marilyn Monroe Paper Art

Paper Illustrations by Carlos Meira

Paper Books

Carlos Meira Carnival

Art by Carlos Meira

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  1. MMM

    An astounding talent. I would love to see these in person!

  2. Lilia Smiles

    I love the detailing and the extravagant dresses!!

  3. zunny

    is this art? not really.
    a fantastically talented craftsman? Most definitely.

  4. TwinkleTinytot

    WOW!!! so intricate!
    This is called talent!

  5. Art of Concept

    Great Art! Yes! Creative, modern, cool…TALENT!

  6. Meenu

    I don’t have words for this…………

  7. Betty

    Gorgeous! It is most definitely art work!

  8. Nisa Zul


  9. Mon Sun

    Wow, these are awesome!

  10. Gert

    Just WOW @ the person who said this isn’t art. I’m going to guess you don’t think comic book artists don’t make art either nor do architects or engineers. Art isn’t just about sculptures and oil on canvas. It’s about evoking a feeling when you view the completed work. If it evokes one, it’s art. If it’s just pretty, it’s craftsmanship.

  11. Londell McGlone

    Very cool!

  12. Augusto dos Anjos

    These “extravagant dresses” are typical characters of Carnival in Brazil. In the 3rd picture are three Pierrots (from italian Commedia dell’Arte). The 5th picture is a Flagship Girl with the flag of Brazil on the dress, the flag is always on hand at the School of Samba that the girl is. In the 7th figure is a percussionist with two ‘pandeiros’ (tambourines). At the 9th is a girl with ’19h century’ fantasy in a car parade. At the 12th is a Baiana (woman from Bahia State), women who sell food of African origin in the city of Salvador.
    In the 14th one is an Passista (samba dancer girl). At the 15th is a representation of the Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. In the 19 th (after the figure of the books) is a girl dressed as Carmen Miranda.

  13. Jordan

    Unbelievable. I’m still second guessing if that is actually made out of paper. The gradient in the cloth is fantastic! Is that REALLY PAPER?

  14. Mel

    Amazing art! Amazing representation of the culture of my country! Very well explained by Augusto.

  15. Shandya

    even if these are vector images, they would still amazing. and then realize that these are made of paper, whoa!!!!

  16. James

    @gert, even things that are “just pretty” is art.

    when it comes down to it if an person calls himself an artist and he makes something he calls art, then it is art and everything else is just opinion.

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