Modern Bicycle Store

Modern Bicycle Store

Beautiful store designed by Joan Sandoval is located in Barcelona, Spain.

Pave bike shop sells bicycle tires, wheels, parts, accessories, tools, helmets, sunglasses, cycling shoes, and different kinds of bicycles.

Large “bicycle shelves” are filled with the latest models of bikes.

Modern Bicycle Shop

Pave Bicycle Store

Bike Store

Pave Bike Store

Bike Shop

Modern Bike Store

Bicycle Shop

Pave Bike Shop

Pave Store

Pave Shop

Modern Bike Shop

Barcelona Bicycle Store

Pave Store by Joan Sandoval

Barcelona Bicycle Shop

Barcelona Bike Store

Barcelona Bike Shop

Joan Sandoval

Pave by Joan Sandoval

Pave Bicycle Shop

Pave Shop by Joan Sandoval

Bicycle Store

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    It’s very spacious.

  2. Matt


  3. cube

    @ lilia

    quality needs space

  4. Chewie

    Would love to work in that workshop! minimalist design works amazing in that room tho it reminds me of Iron Mans work area..

  5. Gert

    All that white and gray would bore me to death.

  6. Tom

    Looks expensive!

  7. Spectator

    what are those cats for anyway?

  8. Jimbo

    I guess I’m too old for this shop. I want to touch, feel, & play with my toys even if they are expensive. This makes me feel like they are in a museum rather than a sales shop. I prefer grease and working people.

  9. avigami

    It looks like it would be difficult to clean. All that white won’t say white for long.

  10. latincrow81

    loving the lilac but yeah hellish to clean, i guess you’d have to repaint a lot

  11. Pete

    This is the store for people with a lot of money, but who will never actually use what they purchase.

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