Construction Vehicle Sculptures

Construction Vehicle Sculptures

Wim Delvoye, a talented Belgian conceptual artist, has created a series of heavy-duty vehicles laser cut from steel. Enjoy!

Dump Truck by Wim Delvoye

Wim Delvoye Steel Sculpture

Dump Truck

Caterpillar Excavator

Construction Truck Sculptures

Wim Delvoye Sculpture

Vehicle Sculptures

Wim Delvoye Sculptures

Dump Truck Sculpture

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  1. jinellvaleros

    Nice, I can’t tell if they’re life size or not though.

  2. Art of Concept

    Nice, very inspiring conceptual art! They do look surreal…

    Belgian artists tend to be very, very talented! Great country, great art!

  3. glatch

    i think this would look nice in a park or something the only down site is dat de most of there are animated

  4. You can't?

    You can’t tell if they’re life size? There are people standing next to some… There are trees right next to others… Are you sure you’re not blind?

  5. Gilles

    I have seen his crane during an outdoor exposition at the belgian coast, the actual sculptures are life size.
    He has also build a tower with the same technique which is currently at the musee Rodin in Paris.

  6. Arkwright

    Absolutely beautiful and elaborate melding of Gothic architecture with heavy-duty machinery. Quite fitting considering the uniquely intricate and beautiful workings of construction work.

    Also, 1st and 6th sculptures can be ambiguous, ‘You can’t?’, as they lack the people or trees you’ve stated, though I too wouldn’t expect those to be an exception to the life-sized trend of these pieces.

  7. Toasty O's

    Very nice. I would love to own one of these pieces. The utility of the machines has been elevated and changed to art. These are real transformers.

  8. Reilly

    Haha the Walker Art Center Cherry & Spoon
    Right down the street from my house…

  9. Tony

    @ glatch
    Learn to spell if you want people to read your opinion.

    P.s Eye no dat it iz kewl to talk like dat dis dayz, but in reality it iz jus dum.

  10. jinellvaleros

    I just wasn’t sure if these sculptures were photoshopped into these scenes. Some seem as if they were, some weren’t.

  11. Toski

    Absolutely fascinating! I think the coolest part would be to see the material age… watch it rust, change color and everything as it’s continuously exposed to the elements. You can actually see a difference on the crane. Cool work!!

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