Wooden Volkswagen Beetle

Wooden Volkswagen Beetle

Beautiful car with unique exterior and interior created out of 50,000 pieces of oak wood by 71-year-old Bosnian artist Momir Bojic.

Volkswagen Beetle was covered with thousands of miniature wooden tiles.

Momir Bojic also made wooden steering wheel and stylish wooden hat.

Wooden VW

Wooden Beetle

Wooden Car

Momir Bojic Wooden Volkswagen Beetle

Momir Bojic Wooden Beetle

Momir Bojic Wooden Volkswagen

Momir Bojic

Wooden Volkswagen

Wooden VW Beetle

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  1. daffy

    Looks like a snake.

  2. Falcy

    I want that now!!!

  3. Cheryl

    Not enough craftsmanship in today’s world. This is great!

  4. Swiper Fox

    1) I hope that it won’t burn if the motor overheats.
    2) Would it change into Wooden Bumblebee? he he he
    3) Nice car!

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