Foxydry Ceiling Drying Rack

Foxydry Ceiling Drying Rack

Convenient, innovative, and space-saving ceiling rack for drying laundry is a useful addition to any home or garage.

Foxydry Drying Rack – the ultimate solution for efficient laundry drying.

Controlled remotely, it descends up to 6 feet, holds up to 77 lbs of clothes, and stops automatically if obstructed.

Equipped with two fans that recycle hot air, Foxydry Air speeds up the drying process, allowing you to dry your clothes more quickly.

Space-saving rack: If you have limited room for drying laundry, Foxydry Air’s ceiling-mounted design frees up valuable floor space.

Made out of steel and aluminum, Foxydry Air is built to last, ensuring years of reliable performance.

Foxydry Drying Rack

Foxydry Air

Foxydry Clothes Drying Rack

Foxydry Air Drying Rack

Foxydry Air Ceiling Drying Rack


Ceiling Drying Rack

Foxydry Clothing Drying Rack

Drying Rack for the Ceiling

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