Bicycle Washing Machine

Bicycle Washing Machine

Stationary bicycle combined with washing machine saves electricity, washes your clothes, and helps you get exercise.

Designed by a team of Dalian Nationalities University students in China.

Stationary Bicycle Washing Machine

Stationary Bike Washing Machine

Exercise Bicycle Washing Machine

Bike Washing Machine

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  1. John

    Is this one of those Kickstarter-type things? Like, “Hey, I have a weird idea. I’m not an engineer, but I do know how to make things look good on screen… please back me.”

    It might make more sense to integrate the bike with a generator & power pack, and just use that to power a separate, traditional washing machine; rather than try to squeeze all that hardware into a reasonably-sized, exercise bike. (There’s a lot to pack-in: Hot & cold inlet plumbing, pump & drain line, the rotating drum & drive motor, ballast, etc.) I’m thinking it’d be a mighty big bike by the time you’re done. (It might look more like a washing machine with a seat & pedals, than a bike with a washtub.)

    Besides, anyone know how much energy a washing machine uses? Even if only during the spin cycle? Relative to the power output of a normal human? I’m thinking you might have to pedal all day to bank enough energy to do one load of laundry.

  2. Adam

    The bike-generated energy is not enough for washing.
    It is more or less enough only lighting a 20W bulb.

    (Water In/Out? Detergents? Drum speeds/ rotational direction? Centrifuge? etc.

    So this idea is bleeding from several wounds.

  3. Pearl Lambie

    Well it would work for asians who are used to doing laundry by hand. Way easier and more efficient than beating the clothes on a rock or washboard and there are little apartment sized washing machines which don’t look much larger than this drawing’s so i think it could work but most americans are too lazy.

  4. John

    I’d like to take a step back, and come at this again from a more positive approach. Now that I realize that this a student project, I kind of feel like a meanie.

    The more I think about it, I realize that people washed clothes by hand before. In a washtub. So it’s entirely conceivable that you can make a human powered washing machine without the added complexity of motors, pumps, plumbing, generators, and battery packs.

    It’s not going to be as convenient as a typical washing machine, but it’s not about convenience; it’s about conservation & exercise. Two things modern people aren’t very good about. (After all, when are those two things ever a convenience?)

    So I changed my mind. It’s really not such a bad idea at all. Keep working on it. Make it good enough to sell.

    Besides, maybe someday; in a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max world… someone will be really happy to find one of these things in pile of rubble.

  5. Adam

    Just about the size, place and efficiency side:

    It takes as much space as a small (45cm) washing machine. You can’t put it in your bathroom because I don’t think you’ll ever bike there hours. But you also can’t put this combined thing into your other room, because there is not the best place for washing/water.

    About efficiency: I don’t think that it is. Washing is not just only putting clothes & detergents & water into a rotating drum… :(

    The price: I think it would be higher than you’d buy a normal washing machine. Combined and integrated thing with good design are always at a higher level. If it is costs more but do not give me as much as it is worth me, I’ll not buy it.

    I’m sure most of the people rather buy a separate washing machine and a bike, or a fitness ticket.

    So try to combine things, of which are more close to each other. I do not want to argue, but I have the same mind as John has about this topic.

  6. Brice

    What most of you are not considering is that it is an alternative to products like “hand powered washing machine” not to “modern” washing machines.

    Second, it is a two-in-one combo. With the increasing price of the square-meter in cities and people wanting to work-out more, that could be a good option.

    That said, i’s only a prototype and things like price and efficiency should be taken into account :)

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