METL Airless Bicycle Wheels

METL Airless Bicycle Wheels

Futuristic bicycle wheels with airless tires offer superior handling, durability, and increased traction during all weather conditions.

METL Airless Bicycle Wheels originally developed by NASA for future Mars Rover missions, now available for cyclists on Earth.

Unlike other tires, METL tires never go flat thanks to their airless design.

Provide elasticity similar to rubber and strength comparable to titanium.

Space-age bicycle wheels feature Shape Memory Alloy Radial Technology (SMART), utilizing a superelastic material known as NiTinol+.

Innovative poly-rubber material helps ensure long-lasting tread and grip.

NASA Airless Bicycle Wheel

With METL Airless Bicycle Wheels, every bike becomes maintenance-free.

Airless Bicycle Wheels

Say goodbye to air pressure checks and bicycle tire puncture repairs!

SMART Tire Company

From city streets to mountain trails, the METL Airless Bicycle Wheels deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

The METL Tire

NASA technology meets cycling innovation in METL Airless Bicycle Wheels.

The METL Bicycle Tire

Designed for Mars, ready for Earth – these tires are built to go the distance.

METL Airless Bicycle Tires

Experience the smoothest ride of your life with METL Airless Bicycle Wheels.

The SMART Tire Company

METL Tires are elastic like rubber, strong as titanium, and never go flat.

NASA Airless Bicycle Wheels

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