Bicycle Wheels with Suspension

Bicycle Wheels with Suspension

Innovative wheels designed by Sam Pearce feature built-in suspension for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

LoopWheels will allow any bicycle to have full suspension on both wheels.

Innovative springs inside each wheel form a suspension that protects the rider from unexpected bumps and potholes on the road.

Smaller 20 inch wheels are ready for production and larger bicycle wheels are currently in development.

Loop Wheel

Loop Wheels

Tested for Safety and Durability

Bike Wheels with Suspension


Bicycle Wheel with Suspension


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  1. Jury

    Expand a little, add three more (multiple) range, turnover, Spiral can be done continuously.

    Done in the form of many thin threads Weave elastic network of fibers of three different types ( with different force deformation) and solder in an elastic thin membrane..

  2. Gert

    Man, that would have taken some of the pain from bike tricks when I was a kid. It’s a wonder my butt ever healed. lol

  3. cole

    That’s gonna be hell on your tires and tubes

  4. Mark

    I need a helmet like this too! LOL

  5. Pete

    Muah hahaha! Much easier to stick a stick in to flip you.

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