Sapporo Beer Glass by Nendo

Sapporo Beer Glass by Nendo

Asymmetrical beer glass transforms the act of enjoying Sapporo beer into a multi-sensory experience, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to every sip.

3Way Beer Glass by Nendo shaped to enhance the drinking process of Sapporo Draft Beer KURO LABEL.

Designed to accentuate the beer’s complex flavour journey, this innovative glass features three unique mouthfeel zones.

Nendo Beer Glass’s creative design begins with a straight side, perfect for the initial sip, delivering a crisp and refreshing taste.

As you rotate the beer glass, the curvaceous side offers a deeper, richer experience, capturing the beer’s aroma in its bulbous top.

Finally, the bulbous side delivers the beer straight to the middle of your tongue, allowing for precise control over each mouthful.

Nendo Sapporo Beer Glass

The glass allows for a more dynamic drinking experience, guiding the flow of the beer to different parts of your tongue.

Nendo Beer Glass

Every curve and angle is carefully considered to ensure optimal beer delivery.

Beer Glass by Nendo

Sapporo Beer Glass elevates the enjoyment of draft beer to a new level.

Sapporo Beer Glass

Unique asymmetrical design guides you through a journey of beer flavour, from crisp to mellow to rich. Who knew a glass could make such a difference?

Nendo 3Way Beer Glass

Each section of the glass is strategically designed to complement different flavour profiles of the beer.

Sapporo KURO LABEL Beer Glass

Sapporo Beer Glass offers three distinct mouthfeel zones to enhance your beer-drinking experience.

Sapporo KURO Beer Glass

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