Pivotal Helix eVTOL Aircraft

Pivotal Helix eVTOL Aircraft

Electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft designed for both seasoned pilots and newcomers alike can be the future of flying cars.

Made out of lightweight carbon fiber composite, the Pivotal Helix features a solid structure optimized for safety, comfort, and maximum enjoyment.

Pivotal Helix personal aircraft is capable of taking off and landing vertically, eliminating the need for a runway.

The flight is achieved through its electric propulsion system and multiple rotors that provide lift.

Once airborne, the Helix transitions from vertical flight to forward flight.

Available for purchase now, the Helix offers three customizable packages starting at only $190,000, plus optional extra upgrades.

Pivotal Helix Aircraft

With its innovative design, the Helix promises superior performance and ease of operation compared to its predecessors.

Born from over a decade of meticulous engineering, the Helix represents Pivotal’s pioneering leap into mass-produced aircraft, inviting adventure seekers to embrace the thrill of flight.

Pivotal BlackFly Aircraft

Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a newcomer, its electric power, intuitive controls, and digital instrumentation ensure a seamless flying experience.

Pivotal BlackFly

Tilt aircraft architecture enables smooth transitions between hover and cruise mode, while fault-tolerant systems and advanced flight controls provide added security throughout your journey.

Pivotal eVTOL Aircraft

Equipped with a range of preflight, navigation, and flight analytics features accessible through a user-friendly mobile app, the Helix empowers pilots to plan, track, and review their flights with ease.

eVTOL Aircraft

Safety remains paramount in every aspect of the Helix’s design, from its triple redundant flight control system to its whole aircraft ballistic parachute system, ensuring peace of mind from takeoff to landing.

Pivotal Aero

Explore the world from a new perspective with the Pivotal Helix eVTOL.

Pivotal Helix

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