Office Desk Bed

Office Desk Bed

Innovative desk transforms into a comfortable bed that allows people to sleep and take power naps in the office.

Designed by Athanasia Leivaditou of Studio NL, modern “desk bed” even comes with a small television.

Relax during lunch break and watch your favorite movie or sleep for a couple of hours and regain your strength.

Perfect bed for workaholics and people who live in small apartments.

Office Table Bed

Table Bed

Desk Bed

Office Bed

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  1. Dominic

    I guess this way you never have to leave work!

  2. Trains-what

    Architect students might need this, i guess…

  3. Jury

    it’s very sad . sleeps lonely. Young without children. Under the table. :(

  4. Jury

    top of the table, upholstered lower side. Flip the cover. You can sleep on the table, not in a box.

  5. Pearl Lamie

    i like the idea of sleeping enclosed! Wouldn’t want to be on top and roll off. Also you have some privacy. But good luck getting this installed unless you are the boss. The slaves have to grind on!

  6. Aija

    This should improve productivity at STH as the directors will no longer have to kowtow to the employees for having the audacity in even thinking about work/life balance. They should be grateful in the knowledge that executive management is providing them w/ this opportunity to continue working past acceptable norms and thus cater to the directors for picking up our slack. Yes, this should nip any sense of them wanting to go home as their home will forever be forsaken and remade in my image !

  7. Cris

    que gran idea! para aquellos en donde el espacio es muy reducido, y la ventaja, no hay que salir de casa o de la oficina :)

  8. reason

    Inspired by George Castanza.

  9. Lol

    I think there should be walls up so you can get some privacy and no one will suspect anything.

  10. Karen

    kind of cute actually

  11. Gabriel Tozarin

    It’s not necessary to come back home anymore!

  12. K

    Anyone notice the computer monitor at the foot of the bed? So you can work while you sleep at work.

  13. Douglas

    Anyone seen Bob…that report was due three hours ago. His personal desk/house/sleep pod/vacation/ hangout seems empty. Did he actually go out into the light. GET BOB BACK. What about homogenous idea sharing to reach the common corporate good, of which you will get little or no credit. After all, you can work, sleep, play, regenerate right here – BOB. Please reasmiillate

  14. Ernest

    Aija, as co-director at STH I cannot agree more with your comments. Given recent slowdown of activity in the architectural market sector we must assertively respond to our employees and continually demand more from them. As a company it is easy enough for us to have the pickings from those looking for work. And that makes it much easier on us as employers to expect more responsibility in their job description and our ability to pay them less. I look at the positive in that it increases our profits, minimizes expense and will allow me to keep upgrading my Porsche’s.

  15. Nerrisa

    hey i really like this idea since it save space but i don’t like if they install a tv in there because i think it’s not necessary and it’s dangerous since yo can kick the tv if you aren’t careful

  16. Pete

    They need to come up with one you can retrofit into the standard gray/blue/maroon corporate cubicle. Most people with private offices and a choice in furniture don’t actually need something like this.

  17. Swiper Fox

    No more excuse in getting late for work.
    But it’ll make an excuse for your boss to fire you;
    and your co-workers not to work with/around you.
    You have not taken a shower within a week.

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