Tesla Trunk Bed

Tesla Trunk Bed

Wooden platform bed designed for Tesla Model Y cars promises to transform your electric vehicle into a bedroom on wheels.

Tesla Trunk Bed made by New Zealand based company Teraglide comes with comfortable self-inflating mattress.

No more pitching tents! Turn your Tesla car into mobile sleeping place for weekend getaways using the Teraglide Trunk Bed.

With easy installation and no car alterations needed, enjoy great nights and perfect mornings in nature within minutes.

Ergonomically designed for quick setup, it comfortably accommodates two adults, maximizing time for enjoyment.

Trunk Bed offers panoramic views through car’s windows while you relax.

Offering full access to both trunk and subtrunk, it provides extended storage space beneath the bed surface.

Created for anyone looking to elevate their outdoor adventures and embrace a more flexible, spontaneous lifestyle.

Enjoy the adventure: explore new destinations, connect with friends, and immerse yourself in festivals, all without the hassle of camping tents.

Tesla Model Y Trunk Bed

Teraglide Tesla Platform Bed

Tesla Trunk Bed by Teraglide

Teraglide Platform Bed by Teraglide

Teraglide Platform Bed

Tesla Trunk Bed by Teraglide

Teraglide Tesla Trunk Bed

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