Memslux AwesomePre Book Light

Memslux AwesomePre Book Light

Transparent bookmark with integrated LED lights provides even illumination without blinding or leaking light.

Existing book lights often cause uneven illumination and eye strain due to harsh, direct lighting.

Memslux AwesomePre designed by BEBOP addresses these issues by providing evenly distributed light that enhances reading experience.

Bookmark with metal frame concentrates light, ensuring it is directed solely towards your book and preventing unnecessary glare.

Memslux AwesomePre

Innovative Magic Lighting Plate Technology ensures that book light is directed precisely where you need it, without disturbing others around you.

Bookmark Book Light

Whether at home, on a plane, or in a camping tent, you can always have perfect lighting for your book reading.

Customize the light intensity and color temperature to suit your preferences and protect your eyes.

BEBOP Memslux AwesomePre

When docked, AwesomePre can also serve as a soft mood light, adding a pleasant ambiance to your reading space.

Book Light

Made with anodized aluminum, the AwesomePre is built to last, providing a premium tactile experience and robustness for frequent use.

Memslux AwesomePre BEBOP

Intuitive and minimalist, the AwesomePre removes unnecessary features, allowing you to focus on your reading without distractions.

Portable Book Light

Say goodbye to uneven lighting and eye strain. The Memslux AwesomePre Book Light provides a consistent, gentle light that enhances reading comfort.

Illuminated Bookmark Book Light

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