Hand iPhone Case

Hand iPhone Case

Unusual iPhone case from Japan comes with a hand attached to the back.

This weird invention allows you to hold hands with your iPhone to make sure you do not drop it. Never feel lonely again with Dokkiri hand case!

Hand Case

Dokkiri Hand Case

Hand iPhone 4 Case

Hand Shaped iPhone Case

Hand Case for iPhone

Hand Inspired iPhone Case

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  1. k2

    This is just plain freakin’ creepy. Not to mention bulky and inconvenient.

  2. Ninja Egg :D

    This is just like the creepy baby cake. So freaky!! I dont think anyone wants this. Except maybe to freak people out…..

  3. Ging

    Straight from a horror movie!

  4. James Ward

    It’s called….”Thing”. There’s a hairy version called “Cousin It”

  5. Beatrice

    ok..this really look scary and take spaces. You can’t placed in your pocket or bag. If you place inside the bag, once you need to hurrying pick up the phone, i guarantee your phone will get stuck with other stuff inside your bag

  6. Maria

    @ ninja egg

    omg, i know… i said the same thing!
    the baby cake was just unethical… lol

  7. chelsea_fc

    The first one screams forever alone.

  8. Dominic


  9. Waleed ahmed

    Lol, reminds me of the Adams family! Hahaha!

    Btw, how would any one carry a iphone with a hand on a case..:/ its not gonna fit in jeans or even in dress pant pockets..

  10. niss

    what a creepy thing!…

  11. Danyell

    In case you were still able to put your smartphone in your pocket. That’ll fix it!

  12. Darrell


  13. ccc

    Why not? ;)

  14. Anon

    Put some red paint on it and you’re on your way for a really freaky halloween deco.

  15. Joy


  16. Majin Nick

    Very disturbing… Scared my Tech Teacher outta his pants..

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