Kairos Electric Tricycle

Kairos Electric Tricycle

Electric three-wheeled vehicle designed by Mathieu L’Hopitault provides fast speed, agility, and perfect contact with the open road.

Not a car, scooter, or motorbike – Kairos Tricycle is in a class of its own.

Kairos Electric Tricycle offers unparalleled freedom with its modern, narrow, three-wheeled tilting architecture.

Experience unparalleled sensations with optimal traction, tilt control, and electric propulsion for dynamic acceleration.

Kairos Tricycle

Kairos Tricycle excels in urban spaces with significant carrying capacity and a low center of gravity for stability.


Electric power ensures zero emissions and exceptional acceleration, combining environmental responsibility with driving passion.

Kairos EV

Designed for driving enthusiasts, Kairos emphasizes control and exhilaration, making driving a freedom and joy.

Kairos Three-Wheeled Vehicle

Kairos redefines driving with a semi-extended feet-forward position and electric propulsion for thrilling acceleration.

Project Kairos

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