Hammock Rocking Chair

Hammock Rocking Chair

Relaxing lounge chair combines the comfort of a hammock with the soothing motion of a rocking chair.

“Panama Banana” chair designed by Agota Rimsaite¬†features open texture design that allows the wind to flow through, keeping you cool on hot days.

Elegant shape of the hammock rocking chair was inspired by things you see at the beach like surfboards and ships.

Made with local materials from the Baltic region, the chair was created with sustainability in mind. Eco-friendly choice for your outdoor relaxation needs.

Lightweight and portable hammock chair is easy to move around the house.

Hammock Lounge Chair

Panama Banana Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair Hammock

Agota Rimsaite Panama Banana

Hammock Rocking Chair by Agota Rimsaite

Agota Rimsaite Hammock Rocking Chair

Hammock Lounger

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