SINDIG Wooden Walker

SINDIG Wooden Walker

Beautiful wooden walker made to enhance the quality of life with its thoughtful design provides stability and support while you walk.

SINDIG Wooden Walker designed by Anker Bak is a minimalist and extremely useful piece of Everyday Assistive Furniture (EAF).

Crafted out of solid oak, elegant wooden walker emphasizes both functionality and aesthetics.

Wooden frame with clean, organic form conceals brake mechanism cables.

Height-adjustable handles ensure optimal posture for all users, and the walker can be easily disassembled by loosening only six bolts.

Wooden Walker

Anker Bak aimed to challenge traditional perceptions of walkers, creating a product that users can appreciate and take pride in.

Anker Bak Wooden Walker

By shifting the focus from purely functional to beautifully designed, we change societal perceptions of mobility aids.

Anker Bak SINDIG Walker

Whether for old age or disability, SINDIG Wooden Walker provides stability, durability, and beauty in every step.

SINDIG Wooden Walker by Anker Bak

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