Cloth Coffee Table by Teixeira

Cloth Coffee Table by Teixeira

Coffee table inspired by the organic shapes of fabric comes with a metal book and magazine holder designed to resemble a folded cloth.

CLOTH Coffee Table by Teixeira merges Japanese and Scandinavian design principles, celebrated for clean lines and natural materials.

Beautiful table features a book and magazine holder in the middle that serves a practical purpose and adds a sculptural quality to the furniture.

Cloth Table’s elegant design is further accentuated by its wavy curved legs, which complement the fluid form of the metal holder.

Cloth Table by Teixeira

Add same thoughtful design to your home with the Cloth Table by Teixeira.

Cloth Coffee Table by Teixeira Design Studio

Integrated book holder in the middle helps keep your living room clean by providing a designated space for magazines and books.

The Cloth Coffee Table

Cloth Table’s unique design and functionality make it a striking focal point that guests will admire.

Cloth Coffee Table

The tabletop and legs are made from high-quality birch plywood, finished with a luxurious oak veneer.

Cloth Table by Teixeira Design Studio

The centerpiece is made from a coated metal sheet, shaped into a smooth, flowing form that mimics the appearance of folded cloth.

Cloth Table

Elegant, minimalistic Cloth Coffee Table is a great addition to any living space.

Cloth Coffee Table by Joao Teixeira

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