U Sofa by Yeeun Son

U Sofa by Yeeun Son

Multifunctional chair features privacy wings designed to open up and create a private workstation in busy environment.

In default state, it serves as a cozy and inviting sofa, perfect for relaxation.

However, with a simple adjustment, the U Sofa designed by Yeeun Son transforms into something more productive.

Raise its innovative privacy wings, and you have a focused, secluded workspace that can enhance productivity by minimizing distractions.

U Chair by Yeeun Son

Whether for individual work, collaborative sessions, or relaxation, the U Sofa adapts to various needs in the office.

Privacy Chair by Yeeun Son

The privacy wings create a comfortable workspace, helping employees maintain focus and productivity in open-plan offices.

Private Sofa by Yeeun Son

When not being used as a workstation, the U Sofa offers a relaxing spot for breaks, promoting employee well-being.

Chair by Yeeun Son

Need a private workstation? Just raise the wings for ultimate focus!

Privacy Sofa by Yeeun Son

As workspaces evolve, U Sofa’s adaptable design ensures it remains useful.

Privacy Chair

Easily switch between work mode and relaxation mode, helping people maintain a healthier work-life balance.

Private Chair

Ideal for offices with limited space, the U Sofa’s multifinctional design maximizes functionality without compromising on style or comfort.

Private Chair by Yeeun Son

U Sofa quickly transitions between a comfortable seating area and a private workstation, making it perfect for dynamic office environments.

U Sofa

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