Bendable Bicycle Concept

Bendable Bicycle Concept

Innovative bike, designed by Kevin Scott, comes with a bendable frame that allows the bicycle to be wrapped around a lamp post.

Ratchet system built into the frame enables it to fold around poles and allows both wheels and the frame to be secured with one bicycle lock.

Bicycle by Kevin Scott

Bendable Bicycle

Bendable Bike

Bendable Bike Concept

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  1. Madison S.

    WOW! incredible!

  2. Michalexpromo

    Well… I wouldn’t steel it not because it’s well protected but because it looks like totally broken when it’s “parked” :D

  3. Niyari

    that’d be fun to twist around

  4. Mura Bispo

    Awesome! rs

  5. F/B

    That’s really smart!!! Is it a proto or this bike,s been already launched on the market?

  6. max

    i wonder what tricks you could come up with on that bike

  7. Arkwright

    That’s… wow.

    Not necessarily incredible, but very remarkable.

  8. Bersam

    WoW … AWESOME … nice idea .

  9. Cjenks

    So you still need a separate bicycle lock? Surely it would be a better concept if the bike locked to itself! Still, a nice idea.

  10. bird

    I like that guy’s shoes

  11. Mask

    Cool! Its great I suppose as long as it didnt fold randomly when you were cycling. That would make a video.

  12. Bliss

    i first noticed the shoes too. i guess light posts would be filled with these, but awesome idea albeit kinda weird.

  13. James Anzalone

    Really great!!! especially for people who need to put bikes in smaller cars!

  14. Karin L.

    Yes, VERY innovative!!!

  15. Bob

    Anybody realize he didn’t bother to put brakes on that bike?

  16. daniel

    cool but not safe. dangerous…

  17. dave

    To the man who said no brakes…. reverse pedal braking system.

  18. MK

    Nice job!

  19. Chad

    Be cool if the bike frame would bend for steering.

  20. Art of Concept

    Very creative! Nice concept!

  21. Bob

    Pedal brakes would not work well with a derailer on

  22. Matthew Alger

    I saw this at the New Designers Exhibition as i was exhibiting my work there as well, i have to say this was by far one of the most innovative designs there. Well impressed.

  23. kreebilicus

    Great idea but it would still get nicked just for being so frickin cool!

  24. Damon

    It’s the new Flintstones bicycle, you stop with your feet, lol. It was a fad to not have any brakes in the 80s. At least in Orange County, CA.

    It appears as if he modified a standard frame which has provisions for caliper brakes but he did not install them for reasons unknown. Lack of time or $ perhaps.

    It is great for smaller cars and would be better if a lock was built-in to the frame.

    It’s not dangerous Daniel. It has a ratchet system built into the frame which prevents it from bending while riding it. See the first large photo of the guy unlocking it.

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