12 Unique and Creative Sofas

12 Unique and Creative Sofas

Modern sofas and creative sofa designs that will spice up any living room.

Do Lo Res Sofa

Unique sofa composed of several soft, square-based cube or rectangular shaped units of various heights. The units are arranged in rows to form the shape of the sofa, and fixed to a platform by steel pins.

Do Lo Res Sofa

Lips Sofa

Famous sofa in the shape of a mouth which Salvador Dalí designed with Oscar Tusquets back in 1972.

Lips Sofa

LED Sofa

Modern LED Lighting Sofa by Colico comes with different colors that you can change by a using the remote control.

LED Sofa

Roma Sofa

Cool sofa shaped like the Roman Colosseum will make you feel like an Emperor of your own living room.

Roma Sofa

Morfeo Sofa

Sofa sleeper with 2 long antennas that have lights on the end, curl up and enjoy a book or the company of someone you love.

Morfeo Sofa

Glossy Lipstick Sofa

Built more as an Art piece, this cool sofa is made from glass and lexan coated clear silicone.

Glossy Lipstick Sofa

Metal Sofa

Stephen Newby creates soft looking sculptures from hard metal.

Metal Sofa

Glass Sofa

Modern sofa by Italian manufacturer Santambrogio Milano made using superdurable tempered glass.

Glass Sofa


Creative soda inspired by LEGO bricks is made from solid, interlocking, systematically lumpy wood.


Tensile Sofa

Cool contemporary sofa by Swedish designer Therese Glimskär.

Tensile Sofa

Diamond Sofa

Entirely made from mirror-like aluminium, the Diamond sofa was thought not only for sitting, but also as an object of very provocative design.

Diamond Sofa

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  1. Julie

    Wow that metal one’s quite incredible looking.. although none of them look particularly comfy! :P

  2. unDave

    I bet Led does looks comfy.

    Nice choice over all…

    -by unDave™

  3. aditia

    yeah most of them look comfortable

  4. Eric

    I like the “Tron” sofa

  5. latincrow

    loving the low res sofa

  6. Dominic

    Nice… love the Tensile Sofa

  7. Tyron Bache

    Love the lego one :)

  8. mahmood

    all of them are very nice

  9. delere

    The Tensile sofa looks like a manta ray. It also looks comfortable. I love it.

  10. Salmon

    That Roma one is reallllly tacky…

  11. cole

    I second salmon’s notion, that belongs in ceasar’s palace in las vegas, aka the most tacky thing ever

  12. delta

    some of those sofa seem incredible uncomfortable….

  13. mick78

    Love Morfeo sofa…

  14. Reilly

    LEGO one is amazing!

  15. Jaqi Mugo

    Cactus sofa, lol, funny! Tensile is interesting

  16. homex

    These sofas very unusual and rare items, cool!

  17. jumanicus

    the metal one looks like tin foil lols

  18. Bex

    I love them all. I can imagine having every single one of them in my house :D

  19. Hippo

    Am I the only one who was reminded of Shrek by the Morfeo sofa?

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