Eggs on a Stick Maker

Eggs on a Stick Maker

Rollie EggMaster with innovative vertical cooking technology makes delicious breakfast meals on a stick that you can take with you anywhere.

Just crack your eggs, pour them in, and watch the meal pop up in minutes.

Fastest and easiest way of preparing eggs and unique breakfast meals.

Also cooks pizza rolls, cinnamon rolls, burritos, and more! [order]

Rollie EggMaster

Rollie EggMaster Vertical Grill

Rollie EggMaster

Eggs Maker


Rollie Eggs

Make Perfect Eggs Every Time

Breakfast Eggs Maker

Eggs on a Stick

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  1. kenken

    I actually may buy this

  2. reason

    So you don’t have time to cook or sit down for breakfast, but you have time to prepare ingrdients for this thing? Just nuke a Hot Pocket already.

  3. Dumbo

    I don’t know what I find more disgusting. The badly prepared omlets in the beginning of commercial or the egg on a stick that comes out of the Rollie.

  4. Gert

    LMAO.. just… no. An egg wave takes half a minuet. No extra prep and you can toss stuff in there with it. $10 at BB&B… I don’t think I need to pay $30 to do the exact same thing. lol

  5. Jimbo

    I don’t have room in the kichen for another gizmo; but, this is clever enough, I would make room.

  6. Swiper Fox

    Another way to make egg rolls.
    Pancakes-on-a-stick anyone?

  7. Ryyx

    Just what breakfast needed: more phallic food!

  8. Alice

    It’s like an egg lolly, not sure about this one :/

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