12 Amazing Masks and Costumes

12 Amazing Masks and Costumes

Incredible masks and costumes that will get you noticed at Comic-Con and make you the star of the yearly Halloween party.

8-bit Costume

Creative 8-bit costume built by Kiel Johnson and Klai Brown.

8-bit Costume

Realistic Mask

Handsome Guy mask created by Rusty Slusser from SPFX Masks.

War Machine Costume

Custom made War Machine costume created by Anthony Le.

War Machine Costume

Hulk Costume

Incredible Hulk costume made by MikesCostumes.com.

Hulk Costume

Halo Elite Costume

Impressive 7-foot-tall costume made by effects artist Pete Mander.

Halo Elite Costume

Self Portrait Mask

Creative 3D self portrait crafted out of paper by Eric Testroete.

Self Portrait Mask

Bioshock Costume

Awesome costume inspired by Big Daddy from BioShock video games.

Optimus Prime Costume

Fun costume inspired by the leader of Autobots from Transformers.

Optimus Prime Costume

Predator Costume

Scary costume made by a fan of Predators for his kid. [costumes for kids]

Predator Costume

Daft Punk Helmet

Harrison Krix re-created the iconic gold Daft Punk helmet.

Daft Punk Helmet

Team Fortress 2 Costumes

Awesome costumes inspired by characters from Valve’s video game.

Team Fortress 2 Costumes

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  1. Joo Wigglins

    Wow, so impressive! Amazing how far technology has come!

  2. tass

    Cool collection again. The daft punk helmet / mask is a must!

  3. David Nicklas

    This is amazing. I wish i had a daft punk helmet.

  4. Art of Concept

    The 8-bit costume is very cool!

  5. solrac

    What the realistic supposed to be handsome?
    would rather stick with my own face

  6. Cory

    Love the Daft Punk helmet.

  7. Doink

    Wow, the Halo suit is insane!

  8. jaqi mugo


  9. jamie

    All about the self portrait mask!

  10. ChEeSe

    i only liked the 8-bit costume!! also the realistic one!

  11. Kenneth

    Sick sick Halo Elite costume. I am currently making a Master Chief Costume from fiber glass. Lots and lots of work. Not a fast process either. That Daft Punk helmet is insane. Nice job on that whoever made it.

  12. Elphi

    The heavy is fantastic in the TF2 one!!

  13. ToQuE

    It’s a soldier and medic

  14. jr dragon

    i like the Halo Elite Costume its awesome! man

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