Hands Free Whopper Holder

Hands Free Whopper Holder

Innovative holder from Burger King will free up your hands and allow you to do other things while you eat your delicious Whopper sandwich.

Useful “Whopper Holders” were given out to the members of Burger King’s rewards program in Puerto Rico.

Now people can use their hands to do everyday chores and enjoy their Whopper burger at the same time. Designed for Multitasking World!

Play Guitar

Burger King Hands Free Whopper Holder


Hands Free Hamburger Holder


Hands Free Sandwich Holder

On the Job

Burger Holder

Dunk a Basketball

Hands Free Burger

Eat and Work

Hamburger Holder

Paint Your Nails

Hands Free Burger Holder

Take a Break

Sandwich Holder

Type and Eat

Burger King Whopper Holder


Burger King Whopper

Hands Free Breakfast

Hands Free Breakfast

Ride a Bike

Hands Free Hamburger

Play Games

Whopper Holder

Hands Free Whopper

Hands Free Whopper

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  1. @

    is this for real

  2. spl

    Horrible idea! What happens when you get to the last half of it? You mouth can’t fit in that thing!

  3. Wishbone

    And that is ridiculous…

  4. Jorge Cajina

    Sorry, no hay manera que esto funcione.

  5. Charlie

    ‘I really need to relax after hours of gaming, biking with a beautiful view, typing my essay on a stupid freaking typewriter, …’ Aaaaand it’s gone.

  6. Gert

    Because I don’t look enough like a hipster tool, a whopper holder.

  7. sdp

    Excellent, now everyone can get fatter easier!

  8. cole

    I like how this holder is considered “innovative.”

  9. Mark

    People, relax. This is clearly an advertising stunt…meant to be funny. And it works for that, obviously it wouldn’t work to actually eat a whole whopper.

  10. Douglas

    It’s so stupid it’s funny and Whoppers are gross.

  11. Stuart

    It’s i dietary aid, you only eat half a burger!!! Epic idea for those whopper loving type that wish to lose a few pounds. “Lovin it” (oops wrong brand!)

  12. Jimbo

    Stupid is as stupid does. No appreciation for this

  13. Mark

    I think we all realize that this is not a serious product or meant to be actually used. Oh sure, someone is going to try it and have burger mess all over the place soon after the first bite but it gets people talking and that’s marketing! Burger King got what they wanted – advertising!

  14. jacude

    i more and more get the feeling that many people on here dont get this page is about arts not innovations.

  15. Libeerian

    Will it work for my Big Mac????

  16. Running man

    Good god I hope this is a joke. If not i just give up on everything.

  17. Tehmehmau5


  18. gunneos

    i thought advertising was supposed to be informative and/or clever?

  19. fetafrosch

    Wait! isn’t something like that used to feed horses?

  20. aokiharu


  21. Joni

    My son-in-law who just broke BOTH arms would love this along with his beer helmet!!! Where can I get him one??

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