Scary Banana Carvings

Scary Banana Carvings

Japanese artist named Suu transforms regular bananas into 3D sculptures.

Scary three-dimensional characters are carved into ripe bananas.

Banana Art


Scary Banana Carving

Scary Banana Art

Scary Banana

Banana Carving

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  1. Theraisa K

    Wow, I would never have even thought to try to carve a banana. How do you stop it from going mushy?

  2. Keaton

    Art that you can eat… excellent…

  3. Nisa Zul


  4. shante

    very creative!

  5. L

    @ Theraisa K they most likely froze the bananas to keep them from getting mushy

  6. kadal

    banana dragon? WOW, the best element dragon ever….lol

  7. praveen

    I cant even imagine of eating those Banana’s. . .Awesome art

  8. Mon Sun C

    Love this!

  9. chisato

    i want the zombie one…mmmhhh juicy ^^

  10. Benjamin Christine

    bizarre but brilliant! THank you!

  11. Larna

    That’s really something I wudnt thought of.
    Normally people carve watermelon or bigger fruits..
    I think the next carving will be on durian!

  12. Ashley Parlow

    The dragon one is cool

  13. Cynthia

    Good one….

  14. hoershey

    @ L
    You can’t freeze a banana without the skin turning brown!

    I think I’ll try a banana face in the yogurt for my bf tonight.

  15. jaqi mugo


  16. JZ

    Is that supposed to be marge simpson?

  17. angel

    @JZ i think so to

  18. fatima.abdullah

    what da artistic thing….. i havent seen such artistic thng like that. Hats OFF TO U SIR:)))))))))))

  19. Tashli

    very g00d

  20. Rahman

    Makes me want to keep the banana than eating it..
    Must have take long time to carved it..

  21. Lydia



  22. mona

    haha i hate banananana get away nooooooooo theyre attaking me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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