Scary Halloween Pumpkin Carvings

Scary Halloween Pumpkin Carvings

Ray Villafane is famous for creating 3D pumpkin carvings every Halloween.

Using sharp knives, the artist carves terrifying three-dimensional portraits into regular pumpkins.

Scary Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Art

Pumpkin Carving

Scary Pumpkin Sculpture

Cool Pumpkin Sculpture

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin Sculpture

Pumpkin Carvings

3D Pumpkin Sculpture

Cool Pumpkin Carving

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

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  2. Moo

    These are glorious! I wonder what work this guy does the rest of the year?

  3. monday

    @Moo, I think it takes him the whole year!

  4. kcantu

    @monday agreed

  5. Jantra

    Wow! these are amazing

  6. Art of Concept

    This is stunning!
    Great patience, unique art and talent!

  7. Bird

    that first one bout to give me nightmares

  8. jaqi mugo

    Intricate stuff, real scary apart from the red indian

  9. enav

    omg all those are so dam awesome… btw predator ftw

  10. cycarla

    i love the last one, really detailed.

  11. Jodi White

    OMG! Now i’ve seen everything. These are so scary and I was under the impression that pumpkin carvings can never be scary. I stand corrected!

  12. Doink

    I like the predator idea, using toothpicks to create the hair :)
    The skull with the zipper hood is simply hilarious haha

  13. Cindy Auligny

    Unbelievable, out of my imagination. You know. So wonderful.

  14. Fuyoo

    Creative to the max

  15. jack

    10x better than last year!!

    these are amazing

  16. betty cires

    amazing! Love it!

  17. Steve


  18. timmay

    im speechless

  19. javad pourhosaini

    so creative

  20. Michael

    Amazing! I wonder if there is a way to preserve them (schlack em?), or do they just mold away…

  21. billy

    The first one has a pretty mouth! lol

  22. Marc

    This guy works for a toy figurine company carving action figures. I saw a tv story on him. You should find it. It’s awesome.

  23. Chedie

    Oh my God! True works of art!

  24. tyse

    wonderful works!

  25. junnie

    This guy rocks at proportions. Hands down my favorite pumpkin carver.

  26. Bobby

    Those sculptures R UNREAL@..

  27. Gene R

    Awesome, almost unreal , but awesome

  28. oya

    awesome!! 100 % art :)

  29. hugo

    Amazing… I like it all

  30. Jane

    The one with the snake heads was on Food Network Challenge

  31. Lau

    love it!

  32. Katie

    Wow these are so amazing!! They look so real!! The carver is very talented!!

  33. Jonas

    Damn, I’ve never seen something like this! I love it =)He should do fruits and veggies every season!

  34. reskull

    Freaky Creepy and awesome !

    Predator and Brained-out one are greats ! I love ’em


  35. Ashley

    holy crap your incredible thats amazing takes lots of talent and skill, Congrats on your amazing pumpkins wish you were at my halloween party :) …

    Ashley Hamm xoxo

  36. whatgirl

    i like the one that looked like a zuccini…

  37. imoel

    how can they make it, awesome… (^_^)

  38. Sasha

    How is the one of the indian fit in with “scary.” Little bit offensive…

  39. JBL

    Oh puh-leeze.

  40. LEE

    Agree w/all the above.

  41. custer


    To each there own girl!

    Indians scare the hell out of me. You ever seen one DRUNK?

  42. Mr.Betty

    soooooooo coooooool love it love all of them I wish I could do that

  43. Catherine

    Wow, Ray does amazing work! Its crazy to see how far he’s come!

  44. Public Cyberfreak

    Does anyone agree with me that pic 9 has a slight reseblance to the actor Bruce Spence?

  45. chameleonjamaica

    crazy designs i love em all… hope to see my work displayed like that crazyy stuff i love em…

  46. Donna Hayes

    Love your carvings, they give me inspiration every year during my company’s pumpkin carving contest :) Would love to submit a couple of my carvings. Is there an option on this site for that?


  47. Carmen Cuellar

    I saw a video of him carving once and teaching little kids @ elmentary schools to carve instead of just cut out holes, He is truly Amazing’ (=

  48. viabela

    Talented??? Hell to the YES!!! Say… Are u sure there aren’t real people under those faces??!!!

  49. Bronson

    That predator pumpkin is one..ugly..motherf’er

  50. Decder

    Wow……These are awesome!

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