Words as Images

Words as Images

Creative illustrations by New York based artist Ji Lee show the meaning of different words.

The goal was to create visual representation of a word, using only the letters that are contained within the word itself. [buy the book]

Fast Food



Word as Image




Ji Lee




Words as Images by Ji Lee



Word as Image by Ji Lee


Word as Image Book



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  1. Tao


  2. Jose

    awesome :D

  3. Nisa Zul


  4. kadal

    very nice :)

  5. Clint

    Lol… Cool outlooks

  6. woops

    Very creative! Delivers the message well!

  7. margaret

    i remember years ago, being asked to do this in class and being utterly hopeless at it, as was everyone else. wish i had seen these beforehand – i would have known what the teacher wanted of me. brilliant

  8. soheyla

    really good

  9. Dominic


  10. Matt

    Brilliant! very creative

  11. red

    I don’t get the fast food one! :S

  12. Mel

    How creative!

  13. James

    Wow! As someone working in graphics, this is really fun and creative! I kept getting impressed with each word I saw next. Cute and well done!

  14. guillermo

    Good perspective..

  15. Damola


  16. Jorge Cajina

    Excelente, +10

  17. g9Ukt

    @red it started with Thin font then the getting bolder and bolder as well as fast food fans…

  18. Mark

    Cool man

  19. Gert

    I like it.

  20. Crow

    These are pretty cool. Laughed at the condom one, that probably says something about me.

  21. Betty


  22. Jorge Uzc√°tegui

    One of the most intelligent work i’ve seen. Not only the logotypes design but also the animation of them all.

    HA:PPY to see it!

  23. lyn

    hilarious, yet simply brilliant and creative!

  24. Snufkin

    ! l!ke !t i ^^

  25. Julia

    Brilliant !!!

  26. Ben

    Very creative
    Nice !

  27. Trevor

    Thanks for posting these – very inspiring and creative. Particularly like ‘ill’, ‘elevator’ and ‘moon’ – but they are all great!

  28. Brianna

    This is so cool. They’re like visual onomatopoeia’s.

  29. Paul Longva


  30. mahfar

    this is very very cool.

  31. Alex P

    Honestly one of the best finds Toxel has had to show us. Thank you for the cleverness.

  32. red

    @g9ukt thanks!

  33. E

    This beats thesaurus in explaining the meaning of the words! Thumbs up!

  34. foad

    really brilliant!

  35. krista

    very very clever i liked the condom one

  36. aida

    love the ill, horizon, elevator, fast food, condom and tsunami.

  37. Jordan

    Exit was my favorite.

  38. NiceOne

    @red: in “fast food”, the font becomes bolder, like the body becomes fat as long as you eat in fast foods! ;)

  39. Ali Choobi


  40. Anna


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