Negative Space Art

Negative Space Art

Series of creative illustrations made by talented graphic designer Noma Bar.

The artist manipulates empty space around shapes and inserts multiple subjects into every illustration. [Negative Space book]

Negative Space





Tea for Two








Red Riding Hood



For more negative space art, check out: 24 Logos with Hidden Symbols

  1. kadal

    i like them all…cool….specially the ‘gun’.

  2. TwinkleTinytot

    Wow! this is amazing!

  3. Lilia Smiles

    Some are a little hard to find but overall cool concept… :)

  4. coltrane

    are the hands supposed to be like a mushroom cloud? that’s the only one i couldn’t figure out. nice collection overall, very talented.

  5. Dominic

    I Love these. They are truly unique!

  6. Josh

    They’re fun to try and figure out both of the pictures!

  7. MichaƂ

    Wish I has those skills – amazing!

  8. Kid

    I’ve never seen an artist try so hard. What a stretch.

  9. Master Oche

    Gee, I love the happy sling shot, but then the Darl Angel is good, and the Little Red Ridding Hood and The elehant and the mouse are my children favorites, but the highway patrol, guns kill, and dealy fire speak by th self. The shadow elephant doesnt translate well. In general is an awesome job

  10. Jenn Staz

    Love these! I am always so amazed by these.

  11. farzane

    It is interesting to me :)

  12. TomSka

    The bomb one seemed to move when my eyes scanned across it from side to side

  13. Waleed

    The second last one is outstanding!

  14. Sharyn

    I love these!

    @Coltrane – I thought the hands one was a tree, some sort of tree of life reference. But I’m often wrong :-)

  15. Ninja Egg :D


  16. Art of Concept

    Fantastic! Someone has mastered the use of negative space in art!!!
    Impressive work. The dog is amazing! Great art. Thumbs up! :D

  17. Ieva

    All of them are realy cool!

  18. TiamatInc

    That is cool! =)

  19. Jason Lee Smith

    These are just awesome, especially the elephant/mouse and the smiley face/slingshot!

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