Honest Company Logos

Honest Company Logos

Modified logos show core values of popular brands and the true meanings of their famous slogans.

Naked Brands” series was created by talented designer myHOTJuly.


Honest Company Logo


Honest Logos

The Body Shop

Honest Brand


Naked Brands

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

Honest Company Slogans

London Underground

Honest Company Slogan

Cartoon Network

Truthful Logo


Honest Logo


Honest Brands


Honest Slogans

United Colors of Benetton

Honest Slogan

Johnnie Walker

Truthful Logos


Truthful Slogans


Truthful Brands

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  1. Alston H.C. Wang

    So true XD

  2. Serhio

    Yeh, especially with StarBucks, although they do serve good coffee

  3. Adrian

    These are cool – and very true :)

  4. Larna

    lol…this is soo true..i dont understand on the underground=london though.

  5. Den

    SB… Good Coffee??? Guess the idea of what’s coffee differs greatly around the world.

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