Companies Swapped Logos

Companies Swapped Logos

An ongoing project by Graham Smith shows us what would happen if popular companies decided to swap logos with their competitors.

Brand Reversions were inspired by Honest Logos and Simplified Logos.

McDonalds and Burger King

McDonalds and Burger King

YouTube and Vimeo

YouTube and Vimeo

Ferrari and Ford

Ferrari and Ford

FedEx and UPS

FedEx and UPS

Google and Yahoo!

Google and Yahoo

Nikon and Canon

Nikon and Canon

Audi and BMW

Audi and BMW

Visa and Mastercard

Visa and Mastercard

Netflix and Hulu

Netflix and Hulu

Reddit and Digg

Reddit and Digg

Pizza Hut and Dominos

Pizza Hut and Dominos

Skype and Google Talk

Skype and Google Talk

Best Buy and Walmart

Best Buy and Walmart

iPhone and Android

iPhone and Android

Nike and Puma

Nike and Puma

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter

For more inspiration, check out: 24 Cool Logos with Hidden Symbols

  1. woops

    These all appear completely strange to me! Nice work.

  2. Ninja Egg :D

    Nice job! Look great! Does anyone know what Vimeo is?

  3. Jules

    Awesome! Nice idea!

  4. Jorge Vitor

    Very nice! I love stuff like that.

    @Ninja Egg :D :
    Vimeo is a site like youtube, where you share videos, have channels, like the same thing. The main difference is that vimeo isn’t so mainstream/known as youtube (and that affects the content, in my opinion, in a good way). But go check it out, I think you’ll like.

  5. Ging

    I’d still say it’s creativity at its best!

  6. Critical Eye

    What is the artist trying to accomplish? Not sure I understand what the statement is. Visually interesting, though.

  7. J Rowl

    I think the artist is trying to convey how a companies logo can be very powerful…even though they said something completely different all i could think of while looking at them was the original company, it didn’t make a difference what they said only what they looked like

  8. lili

    i love all of these!

  9. Zach

    @J Rowl

    I agree completely. Well said. And to the artist, well done!

  10. Sharyn


    I thought the swapped Coke/Pepsi both looked like cheap knockoffs done by a kid up the road. IMO it shows just how important choosing the right font is.

    I also think the Nikon logo looks better in the Canon font!

    Really couldn’t tell much difference in any of the others – I probably wouldn’t even recognise half of them as swapped logos

  11. kadal

    it’s like watching a blue color but you insisted to say it was a red color.

  12. Christina

    Coca-cola & Pepsi and Skype & Gtalk are nice. They worked, for me. :)

  13. Madame

    I think it proves that you just see the shape and colour of the logo and don’t actually read the words.

  14. Betty

    I can say for certain that if all these companies actually switched their logos, I would never/hardly notice.

  15. Dominic

    These are awesome, so many mixed emotions about most of them…

  16. trolololol

    these confuse me. lol. but they are great.

  17. cchana

    Excellent post, in most cases the switch works well. For me, the McDonalds and youtube ones work so well I kinda wish that’s what they were!

  18. Steve

    Very cool overhaul for sure. Sorry but I have to be “that guy”…. shouldn’t the android and iphone symbols be switched accordingly? Other than that pretty awesome.

  19. Aerwhyn

    IMO, Twitter and Facebook look extremely similar whether swapped or un-swapped.

  20. Cheryl

    For some of those logos, it didn’t make a difference at all (especially Nikon/Canon for me.)

    Just goes to show that branding is about a lot more than a logo.

  21. dejan

    Great idea not even one will complain:-))

  22. gjergji

    I’m sorry, how’s this creative?! Take out Domino’s name and put Pizza Hut instead …wow.

    However, for me the changed logos were a blurr — if I saw these on the street, I would not even notice the difference. It goes to show how branding can be everything and nothing at the same time.

  23. Andy

    The problem is that UPS doesn’t have the arrow that FED-EX has in its logo(between the 2nd E and the X).

  24. Eric Muetterties

    Funny how it can be hard to tell that they are different. Your brain knows something is wrong, but it wants to skip over that because you are so used to seeing the graphics.

  25. elaine

    Identity is so vital to branding. Withouth branding/identity positive marketing would almost be impossible!!!

  26. Anonymous

    lol @ Ford and ferrari…how can ford be even compared with ferrari :-s

  27. LPL2

    It’s cool that, for some, the switch looked great on both (like Nikon and Cannon) and some, only one looked ok (MC came out better than Visa) I liked, but was kinda put off by, Google in the Yahoo style. Seemed too frantic or jittery or something.

  28. Garrett Fitzgerald

    Sorry, but Diane Duane cornered the Apple-without-a-bite market back in High Wizardry. :-)

  29. RE88

    I think this is a great representation of how strong of an impact branding has subliminally. Very cool.

  30. Kelly

    Some of these really threw me off. It is amazing how strong some of the visual branding is here!

  31. Jane Jordan

    These examples really show how we all ‘read’ logos. In the same way we read words as shapes we see logos as shapes, which is why the Coca Cola, Ford and Mastercard logos are still read as they are meant, even though the wording has changed.


  32. Heidi

    The YouTube version of Vimeo actually works pretty well for them! Too bad it’s their competitor.

  33. kaolin

    those hurt…so good. :)

  34. Sandeep

    In the entire show, iPhone is the biggest looser

  35. Picard Adama Kenobi

    Somehow, some of swaps, shows that the words mattered more than the logo (YouTube, Visa and Facebook)

  36. Tushar

    Wow, that can get a bit unsettling after a while. Like messing with a greater force that cares very much about logotypes.

    Nicely done.

  37. laura

    fabulous. Now make fake websites for these brands with the swapped logos…and see what people’s reactions are!

  38. Jason

    It really illustrates the strength of brand and brand awareness.

  39. Juliee

    They look better like this. :P

  40. Dan

    It would have been better to swap Adidas and Puma, given that the two companies were founded in the same German town by two rival brothers!

  41. Sherry V

    Aren’t you the clever ones? I loved it. MWAH.

  42. Bearos

    Reminds me of the scientific experiments where you have to read a colour word (e.g. red, yellow, blue etc) but the word is printed in the wrong colour (e.g. blue printed yellow, green printed red etc). It says a lot about the power of advertising that a logo is now as well established mentally as a frequency of light! That said I love the concept and found them really interesting to see. Thanks to the artist.

  43. EngineerZ

    Maybe they should take the McDonnell Douglas logo and replace the company name with “Boeing” Oh, wait a minute…. Never mind.

  44. jinnie

    the sans-serif coca-cola font is sorta nice here, better than the slightly italicized version in the pepsi original. i never noticed how nice yahoo’s logo font was until they replaced it with ‘google’ here. although it doesnt look all that great in yahoo’s original logo for some reason. i guess it’s the juxtaposition of the letters in ‘yahoo’.

  45. woundedduck

    from a consumer standpoint, it makes no difference.

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