Logo Lollipops

Logo Lollipops

Edible logos of famous brands handcrafted out of real candy by Italian photographer Massimo Gammacurta.

New York based artist created a series of delicious lollipops that look like iconic logos of world renowned companies. [order Lolli-pop book]

Lolli-pop by Massimo Gammacurta

Louis Vuitton Lollipop

Chanel Lollipop

Nike Lollipop

MTV Logo Lollipop

USSR Lollipop

Olympic Games Logo


Logo Candy

Candy Logos

Logo Lollipop


Disney Lollipop

Jordan Lollipop

McDonalds Lollipop

Lacoste Lollipop

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  1. Stephan

    theres something very metaphorical about that McDonalds one…almost like its dripping in fat

  2. Douglas

    Boring. Pointless. If these weren’t photoshopped they should have.

  3. LOL

    michael jordan one looks kinda painful

  4. Lilia Smiles

    it’s okay…

  5. Dominic

    Interesting… photoshop?

  6. Gert

    Lol @ the painful position for Michael Jordan. Perhaps these should be given out by one’s proctologist?

  7. woops

    @ Gert and LOL

    That pony one looks painful as well

  8. flatsolid

    Very sensual. Nice colors, too.

  9. Massimo

    No photoshop, i made each mold and candy and shot it, it took a year to finish this project.

  10. MichaƂ

    @Massimo – I think it’s amazing – I love the clear and crips effect

  11. spanki franki

    @massimo and what have you achived by these?
    nice but OMG A YEAR!?!?!
    unless a nice big paycheck nothing is worth a year of your life!

  12. Georgie

    To Douglas (second comment), art has no point. If you making dumb comments like that then you shouldn’t be here.

    To Massimo… Sweet idea! literally, lol. This is awesome

  13. Caitlin

    Money’s nice but generally not the driving force behind most artistic work… it’s called creative exploration and the pay off of that is not always in the form of greenbacks. And for those of you on the why not photoshoped kick… it’s physical works like this that lend to creativity and realism in the way we Photoshop. You could not just fabricate those organic drips or swirls of color, texture and light without having some point of reference from the physical world, photoshop is a tool not a creator.

  14. Massimo

    I do a lot of photo assignment commercial work and i wanted to do my little personal project. I love to handcraft stuff, making molds and getting burned with all that hot sugar:) and i was missing doing that.
    @spanki franki, i really didn’t want to achieve anything, just felt like saying something, it doesn’t matter what it is it just felt good to make these.
    Also these brought me a lot of notoriety, it got so big that Chanel bought 2 of my giant print for their permanent collection and i got a book deal and assignments from Puma and Wired magazine. The funny part is that i didn’t even promote this, one day i woke up and there was 2000 entries on my site in one day, someone put these on a blog and it started from there.

  15. Massimo

    @spanki franki, it took me a year to finish it in my spare time, when i didn’t have to work. maybe is about 500hrs of work to make 50(including shooting)

  16. Katherine

    I love this, I like the colors and drippy candy effect. It’s cool and pretty and fun and everything of that sort, but haha, I’m laughing at everyone who NEEEEDS to have a reason for everything, who neeeedds to have a paycheck for everything done. haha laugh with me mortals

  17. Thomas Kong


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