X-Rays of Christmas Gifts

X-Rays of Christmas Gifts

Creative photos of Christmas presents and gift bags captured using X-Ray machines by British artist Hugh Turvey.

X-Ray photographer scans wrapped Christmas gifts and peeks inside.

Teddy Bear

X-Ray Photos of Christmas Presents


Gift Bag X-Ray

Heart Necklace

X-Rays of Christmas Presents


X-Ray Art by Hugh Turvey

Wine and Cookies

X-Ray of Christmas Gifts


X-Ray by Hugh Turvey


X-Ray Photography


X-Ray of Presents

Apple iPad

X-Ray Photos of Christmas Gifts

Perfume Bottle

X-Ray of Gifts


X-Ray Art

Christmas Crackers

X-Ray Photography by Hugh Turvey


X-Ray of Christmas Presents

Toy Helicopter

X-Ray Artist Hugh Turvey

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  1. kadal

    nice color

  2. Fakhri


  3. woops

    Very unique work.

  4. Gert

    Bored lab tech is bored. lol

  5. Shu-Hsuan

    Whats the point in all this?
    It just ruins the surprise

  6. Joe

    Ruins the surprise? Really?

  7. sae

    Whera has camera’s battery charger gone?

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