Scanned Sandwiches

Scanned Sandwiches

Scanwiches book features mouth-watering photos of delicious sandwiches.

Jon Chonko carefully scanned each sandwich “for education and delight”.

Dagwood Sandwich

Subway Sandwich

Bacon Sandwich

Hot Dog


Ice Cream Sandwich

Steak Sandwich

Lobster Sandwich

Banana Sandwich

Turkey Burger

Ham Sandwich



Octopus Sandwich

For more inspiration, check out: 15 Amazing Sandwich Art Creations

  1. Sharyn

    Thank you for having the baby octopuses last. It’s lunch time here but way to hot for me to go out & buy lunch.

    After making me hungry with the earlier ones, the baby octopus kill the appetite immediately. I always imagine them using those little suckers to climb back up my throat to strangle me for eating them.

  2. Shandya

    My sandwiches never look that good. :(

  3. Katz

    Oh.. I agree with Shryn about the baby octopus…tks for confirming me the idea of those suckers and throat that I always imagine whenever I see it :D

  4. Thinking Insomniac

    I am sooooooooooo hungry now… :-(

  5. Josh

    These are so cool!

  6. laughing at Sharyn's comment:))

    that’s exactly my feeling

  7. tanya larie

    pics like that a sow in book “modernist cuisine”

  8. Sofa King

    Thats a Scooby Doo sandwich at the top if I’ve ever seen one

  9. The Confused

    Wait.. “scanned” as in with a computer scanner?

  10. Mark

    I’ve never found sandwiches so unappetising. This has taken the creativity out of cooking!

  11. Lilia Smiles

    Actually in Hawaii we eat poke and baby octopus is commonly found in the poke bar. It actually tastes alright… be adventurous!

  12. trolololol


  13. João Alves

    Every time i walk through this post, i get hungry. And i just had lunch an hour ago!
    Really looking foward to buy the book!


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