Hubless Skateboard

Hubless Skateboard

FreeRider SkateCycle is a self propelled skateboard with two durable 9 inch hubless wheels capable of riding on flat ground or tackling any skatepark.

Designed by Alon Karpman of Brooklyn Workshop and Antonio Meze, it weights only 7.3 lbs and folds for easy transportation. Double-jointed axle enables the rider to twist their body to propel the device forward.

FreeRider SkateCycle


Hubless Wheels Skateboard

Skateboard with Hubless Wheels

Earlier this year, we featured extremely similar skateboard with hubless wheels, but this version looks like a real product that you can buy.

  1. tony hawk

    kickflip?… spin kick?… rail grind?… not anymore, cool design but eliminates a lot of tricks.

  2. gunneos

    not a skater, but i can imagine lots of tripping accidents on that one.

  3. zulfu

    Tricky….We can call it modern version of usual skateboard.

  4. fllaguno

    it seems to me that its a modern version of the ripstick or wave

  5. Bird

    why change something that works? a regular skateboard is just as good if not better.

  6. T-Money

    Video editing and rock music didn’t come close to making this look cool or fun.

    Good concept (self propelled skateboard) but far too dorky to ever catch on.

  7. Mac

    I like the fact that the propulsion is almost effortless and it’s faster than an ordinary skateboard. Tricks aside, it’s a good idea for portable transport.

  8. Bajo

    Looking fun and extreme

  9. Pluto Nash

    This think looks exactly like a ripstick. They should compare it to that instead of a skateboard.

  10. Darrell

    Eh. Just looks like a slightly cooler version of a ripstick..

  11. Raads

    it would be harder to get yourself going then get your feet back on the thing, whereas on a normal skateboard, you could just put your feet anywhere

  12. Stuart Halliday

    But isn’t this just a more expensive version of a Skateboard with added hoops?

  13. jumanicus

    this reminds me of “the entity” that mr.garisson invented on southpark

    ..and i love how the first vid makes it look more intense than it actually is

  14. PauL B

    @ bird

    10 points!

  15. Jedi

    The kids in my neighborhood do this all day, so no surprises here for me.. They twist their hips on their skateboards to move forward, theirs have axes in the middle.. The only thing different is the design. I wonder why your feet are enclosed in this design.. makes it tricky to get of when you need to.

    For me it’s a designer marketing me-too.

  16. toni


  17. uglyfodder

    But how do you go UPHILL if you can’t kick?

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