Golf Balls Cut in Half

Golf Balls Cut in Half

Unique photo series by talented American photographer James Friedman allows us to see colorful internal layers of modern golf balls.

Golf balls made of different materials were sliced in half and photographed.

Beautiful photos reveal complex structures and designs of golf balls.

Golf Ball Sliced in Half

Golf Balls Photography

Golf Ball Broken in Half

James Friedman

Golf Balls Sliced in Half

Golf Ball Photography

Golf Ball Photos

Golf Ball

Golf Photography

Golf Balls in Half

Golf Ball by James Friedman

Golf Photos

Golf Ball Cut in Half

Photographer James Friedman

Golf Balls

Golf Balls Broken in Half

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  1. Betty

    Most of them look like ice cream.

  2. Jury

    If you look at the cross section of the femoral diaphysis. You will see the design of the future ball in the future

  3. Masteroche


  4. GoMuhammad

    You right Betty, Suddenly I want Ice cream..

  5. handoko

    its like our eyes

  6. I Kid U Not

    Ohhhh, so Tiger Woods was cheating……again.

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