Food Cut in Half

Food Cut in Half

Creative photo series by New York based photographer Beth Galton features delicious food that was carefully sliced in half.

Different kinds of food and beverages were cut in half and photographed.

Food Sliced in Half

Canned Soup

Sliced Food

Cut Food

Corn Dog / Hot Dog on a Stick

Food by Beth Galton

Ice Cream Cone

Beth Galton


Sliced Food by Beth Galton


Cut Food by Beth Galton

Breakfast Cereal

Food Sliced in Half by Beth Galton

Ice Cream

Food Photography

Food Cut in Half by Beth Galton




Half Coffee

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  1. Ryyx

    Aaaand now I’m hungry

  2. Diego

    the question is how? xd I mean, this is awesome but I demand a video tutorial to make photos like these

  3. Sharyn

    I’m with Diego, I want to know the how. When I saw the soup I thought they were probably lying down, but unless the milk is being shot into the cereal & coffee, it has to be upright.

  4. Dy

    Several items are clearly frozen. You don’t need a tutorial for common sense.

  5. gunneos

    Oh you mean the ice cream?

  6. M@rtin

    Video on how to do it, as well as information on the worlds most sciency cook book!

  7. joebing

    Very nice. Now the calories are cut into half.

  8. monica

    okay. i am very hungry now.

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