Creative photo series by American photographer Tom Hussey features older people who see younger version of themselves when they look in the mirror.

Powerful images promote research and treatment of Alzheimer’s dementia.

Mirror Reflections

Reflections by Tom Hussey

Reflections of Youth

Reflections Campaign

Reflections of Time

Mirror Reflection

Reflections in the Mirror

Reflection in the Mirror

Forever Young


Tom Hussey

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  1. Joe

    Fantastic. I’ve always wondered what it must be like. It scares me. I suppose it scares everyone at some point…

  2. jacklyn

    amazing work. Well done.

  3. Betty

    Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the hell happened!

  4. mukesh

    an unavoidable truth presented through mind and art, i salute to creator

  5. sgh

    NICE :)

  6. Gert

    Love this. I remember as a young adult sometimes I’d look in the mirror and see the little girl I once was. I imagine most of us see who we once were more than we see ourselves as we get older.

  7. Jimbo

    Betty, you nailed it. well done.

  8. Timothée R.

    That’s really a beautyfull work !

  9. Black Lotus

    I love this!

  10. Running man

    Very, Very creative.

  11. kelly Tozarin

    The photos are beautiful, but I cannot explain, but make me feel sad!

  12. Jorge Cajina

    Extremadamente cool, me gusto muchísimo, el balance perfecto entre foto y photoshop. 100%

  13. Subarulol

    A very satisfying work . This moved me :)

  14. Pete

    This made me feel a little sad.

  15. Pearl Lamie

    Beautiful! Haunting!

  16. Silas

    This is beautiful. I’ve had to learn a lot through gerontology courses, particularly about Alzheimer’s and the thought of people that have to go through that (both those afflicted and their caretakers) makes me pretty sad. I always hope that people had a good and full life before that.

  17. nina

    the perfect image for past and present

  18. Fernando

    Very nice!

  19. Ann Napoletan

    Just lovely…. the images are very touching.

  20. Anna Spencer

    I tried this out on my father, a few days ago with a mirror, after I had shaved him and done his hair. He was beaming, looking from side to side into the mirror and agreed, when I said he was pretty good looking! He doesn’t look bad at all for his age, but how can anyone be sure that a person with dementia sees a younger version of himself in the mirror?

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