Amazing photos of beautiful snowflakes captured by talented Moscow based photographer Alexey Kljatov.

Snowflakes were photographed on flat glass surfaces using dark fabrics as the background.

Macro photographs allow us to see intricate details of each snowflake.

Snowflakes by Alexey Kljatov

Alexey Kljatov

Russian Snowflake

Russian Snowflakes

Photographer Alexey Kljatov


Snowflake by Alexey Kljatov

Snowflakes Photography

Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov

Photos of Snowflakes

Snow Photography

Snowflakes Macro Photography


Snowflake Photography

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  1. Cuong77


  2. shadow

    they look unreal. very gorgeously unreal. i feel so calm looking at these pictures. beautiful.

  3. Betty

    Never tire of snowflake pictures…it’s interesting that some are so simple.

  4. Dominic

    OMG is this even real!


  5. Aleks

    Looks great. The last one is really amazing.

  6. Nozomu

    Cool and beautiful.

  7. kelly Tozarin

    Amazing! I like to remember the first time I saw the snow, I cried of emotion! It was unforgettable, especially for someone who lives in a tropical country!

  8. Nicole

    Created extoll Gods hidden gems only so fugitive the sand blast engraved crystal artists like Swedish Hald was so inspired quite acute

  9. Sami

    Who can see these pics and still have no faith to God!

  10. Divinity


  11. Black Lotus

    Beautiful beyond words!…

    Sami- People who know how things ACTUALLY work through science, and not fairy tales…

    Science FACT: “Snowflakes are symmetrical because they reflect the internal order of the water molecules as they arrange themselves in the solid state (the process of crystallization). Water molecules in the solid state, such as in ice and snow, form weak bonds (called hydrogen bonds) to one another.”

    Honestly, I do believe in a “higher being” of sorts but when people say dumb things like that it just annoys me to no end.

  12. Matteo

    Black Lotus- Just because you understand something about the nature of molecular bonds doesn’t mean there is no creator, it just means you understand how something works.

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