Pictogram Movie Posters

Pictogram Movie Posters

Creative movie posters designed by talented graphic designer Viktor Hertz.

Stockholm based artist perfectly conveys the theme of each movie using clever pictograms made out of simple objects and shapes.

Psycho Movie Poster

Rosemarys Baby Movie Poster

Spider-Man Movie Poster

Sunshine Movie Poster

There Will Be Blood Movie Poster

Tron Movie Poster

Viktor Hertz Pictogram Movie Posters

Up in the Air Movie Poster

Waterworld Movie Poster

Point Break Movie Poster

Pictogram Movie Poster

Viktor Hertz

The Road Movie Poster

Leaving Las Vegas Movie Poster

Taxi Driver Movie Poster

Jackass Movie Poster

Up Movie Poster

Viktor Hertz Movie Poster

The Matrix Movie Poster

Magnolia Movie Poster

Inception Movie Poster

Twins Movie Poster

Jaws Movie Poster

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  1. B.T.


  2. Thunder

    Funny little experiment trying to use icons as imagery in posters. Having said that I don’t like the photoshop-job of aging and roughing-up these posters. I never get why some designers and artists do it. It adds absolutely nothing to the experience and in this particular case even lessens it. Guess it’s a personal vendetta of mine.

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