Airplane Hotel

Airplane Hotel

Boeing 747 airplane was converted into a luxury hotel with modern rooms.

“Jumbo Stay” airplane is parked at the entrance to the Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden.

There is a bar, cafe, and many types of rooms with private bathrooms.

Now you can finally spend a night in an airplane.

Plane Hotel

Jet Hotel

Airplane Hotel in Stockholm

Jumbo Hotel

Airplane Hotel in Sweden

Jumbo Stay Hotel

Boeing 747 Airplane Hotel

Jumbo Jet Hotel

Jumbo Stay

Boeing Hotel

Boeing 747 Hotel

Airplane Bathroom

Hotel in an Airplane

Airport Hotel

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  1. Chris

    ‘Luxury’ pushing the boat out a little with that description. Potentially the world most expensive hotel ever constructed per sq ft though

  2. Jordan

    Think of it this way, it’s much more luxury than any current interior plane floor plan and design. But then again, there are some aircraft with magnificent interior designs.

  3. woops

    Not interesting or attractive. We’ve all been on airplanes before, and this isn’t much more different than that: the closed off small spaces with small halls and very tiny windows. Hopefully you don’t smell like “airplane” when you leave this hotel.

  4. wvcorgi

    It takes me 8 hours to fly to Stockholm. I don’t want to spend another night in a plane.

  5. Mark

    Novelty place to have a party night but not a serious stay. That’s cool tho.

  6. Tanner

    You know if you got the cockpit room you would stay up all night playing with the controls

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