History of Famous People

History of Famous People

Italian design studio H-57 created a series of brilliant illustrations that show the history of famous artists, musicians, and politicians.

Clever pictograms depict important events in the lives of famous people and notable historical figures. Creative posters for the fans of history.

Julius Caesar

History of Julius Caesar

Marie Antoinette

History of Marie Antoinette


History of Napoleon

Darth Vader

History of Darth Vader

Adolf Hitler

History of Adolf Hitler


History of Jesus

Diego Maradona

History of Diego Maradona

Pablo Picasso

History of Pablo Picasso

Andy Warhol

History of Andy Warhol

Vincent van Gogh

History of Vincent van Gogh

Bruce Lee

History of Bruce Lee

The Beatles

History of The Beatles

Michael Jackson

History of Michael Jackson

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  1. Chewie

    I don’t really find these too creative and a bit offensive to history, how they tell the story is too blunt and crude.
    It literally looks like a person copied and pasted a ton of toilet men pics and added in text and lines.
    Would be nice for a portfolio but not for show.

  2. Peterrrr

    Lol i like this actually, a bit blunt tho, but nice

  3. Joe

    Looks like they just ripped the idea from the diagrams on the walls of Aperture in Portal.

  4. Jacob

    Yeah, not digging these too much. The perpendicular timelines are very confusing and illogical. Was a half hearted attempt to be funny, and creative, and it wasn’t very successful at either.

  5. eddie

    Complete historical accuracy would probably require a few more people icons at least. The succinctness and wit are biting all the same.

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