Honest Logos

Honest Logos

An ongoing project by Viktor Hertz features honest versions of famous logos.

Series of logos introduces new “more appropriate” company names.

McDonalds Logo

Apple Logo


Carlsberg Logo

MTV Logo

Absolut Vodka Logo

Nintendo Logo

Camel Logo

Facebook Logo

YouTube Logo

For more inspiration, check out: 20 Unique and Creative Logo Designs

  1. Clare

    This made me laugh so much XD Awesome job!

  2. Enz

    So funny! :D

  3. AdrianLee

    Very clever! :)

  4. Josh

    Haha, that was brilliant!

  5. Jessica

    Hahaha. I love the CatVideos and procrastination logos in particular. They’re very true.

  6. olga

    Interesting thinking.

  7. Alice

    truly honest, that’s great!!!

  8. Ricky

    This is brillant. so honest!

  9. enav

    hahha this is so nice

  10. cvs

    twitter should be called


  11. Sean

    I think Twitter should just say “notice me”

  12. Jim

    Good stuff, the only one I don’t recognize is “Calories”

  13. po0yZ

    It was awesome, although some logos are missed.

  14. Mon Sun C

    This is awesome and so true! Talk about getting to the truth of the matter!

  15. lulz


  16. Wafflez


  17. woops

    What is the “Calories” logo supposed to be?

  18. Mari

    The “calories” one is carlsberg.

  19. Reilly

    The simplicity of this is what makes it so great.

  20. Koi Koi

    Funny because it’s true…

  21. Shaun


  22. Anna

    These are great! All of them are so true!

  23. miggy

    this so funny specially the biggest procrastination site in the world FB

  24. bert

    love them! it’s hilarious

  25. setzer

    Great! Funny!

  26. alvin

    The ‘Calories’ logo is for the beer Carlsberg

  27. Larna

    Cat Videos? I dont get it.

  28. Christian


    YouTube is swamped with stupid cat videos, haha. Thats why its called cat videos

    It would have been funnier if Facebook was made into Ineedattentionbook or something like that

  29. Ulph

    Give me more!!

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