Portable Toaster Concept

Portable Toaster

Innovative portable toaster concept design by Kim Been looks like a regular butter knife and features a graphic user interface that shows the user how well the bread is toasted.

Portable Toaster Concept by Kim Been 2

Portable Toaster Concept by Kim Been 3

Portable Toaster Concept by Kim Been 4

Portable Toaster Concept by Kim Been 5

Portable Toaster Concept by Kim Been 6

Portable Toaster Concept by Kim Been 7

Portable Toaster Concept by Kim Been

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  1. Rajiv Parikh

    Good site

  2. Megan

    I would be scared of burning my hands.

  3. Mika

    Anyone else reminded of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?

  4. Paul Sample

    pretty creative

  5. Amarjeet Hans

    Even i m afraid of burning my hand, but still a great concept

  6. Lhamo

    Good concept, suitable for travellers.
    Too dangerous to the kids as it look so cute.

  7. jacyln

    i think this is damn cool.

    where can i buy one from?

  8. Mniya

    good concept bt dangerous in a house having small kids.

  9. foodtown

    where is the plug to charge it?

  10. JK

    I think its useless. ’cause you have to hold the bread and the toaster in your hands. A waste of time. You know, in the regular toaster, you can put the bread in, and go relax or do some other work.

    But still, REALLY COOL !

  11. Beezy

    very smart

  12. Chris

    Who says you have to hold the bread to toast it. Why not put it down on the plate and toast it that way? It’s not something I’d buy, but it is pretty cool.

  13. faze

    i want one

  14. Hannah

    The thing I enjoy most about toast? Both sides are toasted at the same time, and its hot when i eat it. Perhaps a design flaw? Lovely idea though, looks great!

  15. park jae hwan

    Very perfact…Good design.

  16. Derek

    It looks to small to function, or it wouldnt produce enough energy. You would be toasting a slice a bread for an hour.

  17. Vishal Khanna

    Excellent product, please mail me the details of the innovator and I would like to market the same in India

  18. Star

    the white holder IS the charger, as you can see from the light is activates. This is adorable, and a very amazing creation. I would love to own one, even just to see the pictures on the back…

  19. Marianne

    What a great idea! I want one!

  20. lyndsey

    can you buy these

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