Unique Bookstore in Sao Paulo

Unique Bookstore in Sao Paulo

Livraria da Vila bookstore features creative doors made out of bookshelves.

Designed by Isay Weinfeld, this store is located in São Paulo, Brazil.

Livraria da Vila

Brazil Bookstore

Book Store


Bookstore in Brazil

Sao Paulo Bookstore

Unique Bookstore

Livraria da Vila Bookstore

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  1. Brian

    awesome concept! wonder if the books in the rotating shelves are also real.

  2. Truthiness

    I want to go to there.

  3. Regis

    Yes Brian! They are real.

  4. MJ

    I love the modern architecture. I want to build a house like that.

  5. kadal

    a bookshelf door entrance…..awesome

  6. Gav Mandrelle

    Sensational. Inspirational. I want to live in this place!!

  7. Daniela

    Interesting. But finally the books become decoration while losing function.

  8. Erin Maree

    Love it! I want to build my house like that! Really well laid out, and a good space user :D

  9. Miguelito Garcia

    There’s a very nice place with a inspirational design and very close to my house….hehe

  10. Darrell

    That is interesting. I like the whole design of the place but I think there’s a little too much white in there..

  11. Michelle

    Oh the book lover in me is calling right now. Saying that I need to get a ticket down to Brazil and see that place for myself.

  12. Cherry Blossom

    Books EVERYWHERE!!!
    It’s awesome!!

  13. Nisa Zul


  14. Jack

    awesome! this place is in São Paulo Brazil! i live near of this library

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