Edible Pen

Edible Pen

Dave Hakkens has created a pen out of candy and filled it with edible ink.

Candy pen does not stick to anything and does not melt in your hands. It has the same texture as candy bracelets. Each pen is made of 22 pieces.

Candy Pen

Candy Pen Mold

Candy Pens

Candy Pen Creation


Edible Pens

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  1. Brittany Rubinstein

    That’s so sweet! (no pun intended). Now I don’t have to feel as guilty about chewing on my pens!

  2. Stephan

    where can i buy?

  3. Ashley Forsyth

    That’s awesome! I want one now.

  4. auomo

    i would get nothing done

  5. Shaun


  6. Jesus

    It´s great, I do also want to buy some…

  7. tita

    totally in love =D

  8. woops

    I’d like to see this done with Adderall. Us students would sooooo appreciate that.

  9. xoxo

    That pen wouldn’t survive for very long if it got into my hands :D
    Great idea! But I can’t really imagine it not being sticky…

  10. bert


  11. abhinav

    i want that pen….at any cost………..thats so damn cool….plus its sweet…………heheh

  12. Corey

    are they sticky?

  13. Keaton

    does want

  14. Jessica

    I ate my writing utencil so I couldn’t do my homework. Genius.

  15. Koi Koi

    Gross. Those candies taste like chalk!.

  16. Myself


  17. Lizzy

    I want one where can I buy one though?

  18. T. E. Samad

    This is just so awesome.

  19. Larna

    you touch it, you place it everywhere, and suddenly u munch it…eerk!

  20. Anusuya

    Anyone seen Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban

    Remember? Sugar Quills?

  21. place name here

    The dog ate my homework…no, seriously !

  22. Vampire Kitten

    another way to freak out the classmates!


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