Modern Compact House in Tokyo

Modern Compact House in Tokyo

Located near the center of Tokyo, Reflection of Mineral is a modern 480 sq ft (44 sq m) house designed by Japanese architect Yasuhiro Yamashita.

Conforming to legal conditions and in response to the client’s wish for a roofed garage the volume was trimmed from various directions.

Compact House in Tokyo

Reflection of Mineral

Compact House

Modern House in Tokyo

Modern House in Japan

Reflection of Mineral House

Modern Compact House in Japan

Mineral House in Tokyo

Modern Compact House

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  1. :)

    wow that’s amazing

  2. Megan

    Nice efficient use of space, looks beautiful too!

  3. Natalie

    There are a lot of strange looking buildings like this in Tokyo, but usually they are quite cool and modern looking inside.

  4. timmay

    looks awesome

  5. Jared

    oh, this is so cool!

  6. PeteWong

    It is so identical !

  7. ajayjshah

    I love contemporary and agree with everyone. Also this was a very efficient use of space, being in Tokyo and all. Very neat.

  8. Aarti Harish

    I wouldn’t want to live here…looks creepy…

  9. Paul

    It won’t look so nice once it gets as dirty as the building next to it, unless they go through great lengths to preserve the pristine whiteness.

  10. jhn

    shameless and vulgar display of nonsense arch. A house that isnt projected to be lived but for the architect’s ego.

    S U C K S

  11. Dave

    Cool, I want one of them for the garden!

  12. jaja

    funny and interesting. i’m having a feeling that it will zoom to the outer space any moment. haha. that’s what you call ARTS. some people don’t have to understand and appreciate it.

  13. forumlogic

    Could you see where the front door is?

    This design works hard to maximise light for the owners but pity the neighbours who end up with windows facing next-door’s wall.

    I agree with Paul about the look of this building over time.

  14. Glenn Contreras

    So functional!

    Cities like Madrid, Paris, even Caracas needs compact architecture because the space is reduced!


  15. Chad

    jhn – Why does something that breaks the mold have to be about the architect’s ego? Perhaps the clients are just as eager to live in an unusual space? Sounds to me like your comment is fairly presumptuous.

  16. Word

    great lengths being a tin of paint…

  17. Word

    ^ Referring to over time it changing colour. Looks easy to paint

  18. elifas

    Amazing, small but nice.

  19. Sam

    I want this house. NOW.

  20. lono

    wow! now thats different! loving the angles!

  21. Hassan

    I confused! Where is what in this house!? :D

  22. Fresh

    very very nifty little parking space

  23. Christine

    Awesome! It would be nice to have one of those one day! Quite functional and necessary for society now a days! Very simple, simplicity is what we need!

  24. Dan

    When it comes to maximizing available space, you really can’t argue with 90 degree angles. I know everyone wants to see something super-cool on the internets today, but this really isn’t it. It’s pretty, but a plain, rectangular building kicks the sh*t out of this design when it comes to interior space.

  25. Benjamin


  26. ioana

    looks awesome! some plans?

  27. Kirvi Inci

    This “house” is completely horrendous! It is nothing more tha a huge eyesore that had the label “modern” slapped on it to make it seem hip.

  28. Luiz Martins

    In this case small is really beautiful!

  29. Stephanie Horn

    This is gorgeous! I love the lines :)

  30. mursku

    looks pretty cool :D
    ..but what im worried is how it’ll survive an earthquake :/

  31. arun

    looks cools… liked it

  32. Diego

    It’s AMAZING !

  33. Mike Levesque

    I want to know what it costs and if the designer offers any larger versions. This is an excellent design and a beautiful concept. Something that is marketable and that my company could work with in other areas around the world. Please have the designer contact me and see if there is an interest in working together.

    Engineered Systems Incorporated is one of the worlds largest renewable energy manufacturers based out of Canada, China, Japan and Poland.

  34. Osvaldo M.

    Loved it… just the space i need, would be awesome to throw a party in there! (for less than 10 guests i assume…)

  35. Betty Cires

    I love it. Would be complete if had a small garden.

  36. Wolver

    Excellent design and architecture, literally outside of the box. With a lot of natural light coming in and walls that are not straight corners, this house will get homy with the use. As years go by, it will probably even look better.

  37. Alex

    Umm… bedroom??

  38. Shaw

    This kicks a** over my 300 s.f. Manhattan studio. Plenty of space for the single city dweller.

  39. Den

    How come I missed this!
    Totally amazing!

  40. marcel farhood

    top=10/10 merci

  41. Gaurav Saxena

    Simply amazing.
    It happens only in Japan !

  42. Gabriel

    How much did it cost to build.

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