iMac Beds for Cats

iMac Beds for Cats

Recycled iMac computers transformed by Atomic Attic into comfortable beds for cats, kittens, and small dogs.

Old iMac cases are polished and heat treated for maximum acrylic clarity.

Creative pet beds for the homes of cat / dog owners who also love and appreciate the design of Apple iMac computers.

iMac Beds for Cats and Dogs

iMac Cat Bed

Recycled iMacs

iMac Beds

iMac Bed

iMac Beds for Pets

Apple Computer Pet Bed

Apple Pet Bed

Apple Computer Pet Beds

Recycled iMac Beds

Computer Pet Bed

Miles and Aimee Harrison

Apple iMac Pet Bed


Recycled iMac

iMac Pet Bed

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Gift Ideas
  1. james


  2. GoMuhammad

    My cat gets jealous! :|

  3. Dave

    Nice that the pillows match the casing colors
    best use of an Apple ever!!!!

  4. MMI


  5. Gert

    First time I’ve seen an Apple product be useful. lol

  6. John Cline

    That’s fine if you can find one of those old models. Mine has no such compartment.

  7. kelly Tozarin

    Very cute cats!

  8. erynne

    Maybe if I got my cat one of these, she wouldn’t try to lie down on my keyboard while I’m working…..

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