Kitty Meow Cat Bed

Kitty Meow Cat Bed

Creative bed designed by Studio Mango looks like the head of a giant cat.

Each cat bed comes with two soft cushions. Now your pet can finally sleep inside the mouth of a large cat. Kitty Meow can also be used as a chair.

Available in a variety of colors. Easy to clean. Sold by PetsInn Shanghai.

Cat Shaped Cat Beds

Cat Shaped Cat Bed

Cat Bed

Kitty Meow Cat Beds

Kitty Meow

Studio Mango

Cat Beds

Kitty Meow

Kitty Meow Bed

Kitty Meow by Studio Mango


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  1. pTc

    They look a little bit like the lid from an amusement park trash can.

  2. NIDO

    CUTE! ^_^

  3. Betty

    I’ll take two!

  4. jacklyn

    where i am, they have dog faces for dogs too!

  5. Nicole

    I need 2. How much?

  6. Skye

    How much does each one cost? I want a white one for my friend’s cat!

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